[Latest Job Opening] Software Dev Engineer III Job by Tesco Technology in Bengaluru, Karnataka

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Job Location- Bengaluru, Karnataka
Company- Tesco Technology

Tesco Technology

Bangalore, Karnataka

Company Description

Tesco Bangalore: We are a multidisciplinary team that creates a sustainable competitive advantage for Tesco by standardizing processes, delivering cost savings, enabling agility, providing state-of-the-art technical solutions and empowering our partners to do more for their customers. are generating. With cross-functional expertise in Global Business Services and Retail Technology & Engineering, a wide network of teams and strong governance we reduce complexity thereby providing high quality services for our clients. Tesco Bengaluru, established in 2004, enables standardization and builds centralized capabilities and efficiencies, improving the experience for our millions of customers worldwide and making it easier for over 4,40,000 associates.

Tesco Technology includes people from many different backgrounds, but has a common objective of serving our buyers a little better every day with our retail tech solutions. We shared a similar interest in using innovations in technology to enhance their shopping experience at Tesco stores. Whether building products, software or systems, our teams focus on various aspects from taking strategic ownership of architecture to technical solutions such as design, testing, deployment, infrastructure, operations and system security to ensure agile, smooth and safe operations. focuses. These help us to deliver maximum business impact. Teams refine their internal processes to best suit their needs, working to build core capabilities across applications and services. We collaborate in teams globally to share knowledge, experience, tools and techniques while building end-to-end customer-facing solutions.

At Tesco, inclusion means everyone is welcome. everyone is treated fairly and with respect; We create a sense of belonging by giving importance to individuality and uniqueness.

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of Tesco. It is embedded in our values: We treat people the way they want to be treated. We always want our coworkers to feel like they can be at work themselves and we are committed to helping them.

At Tesco Group we are building an inclusive workplace, a place to actively celebrate the cultures, personalities and preferences of our associates which in turn help build the success of our business and the way we do business. reflect the diversity of the communities served.

Job Description

1. Identify and apply appropriate design patterns to problems

2. Develop Big Features With Ease

3. Understand Passivity

4. Actively Practice Boy Scout Principles Leave the design code in a better position than it is to come

5. Demonstrate a good sense of cohesion

6. Understand the importance of domain models and can model problem domains coherently in a given context

7. Estimate medium term (3-6 months) vectors of change and design and abstract accordingly

8. Understand Threading Model and Concurrent Programming

9. Comfortably test drive any feature/comfortable with TDD cycle

10. Take a business problem and come up with a technical strategy (push vs pull etc real time vs batch sync vs async) within the high level design of the team and lead the implementation

11. Requires minimal guidance or guidance and collaborates with SDEs in teams working on the same or similar business problem

12. You show exemplary behavior in your work – your design delivery code processes all set examples for your team


Java SpringBoot Micronaut NoSQL Microservices Domain Modeling CAP Theorem Ultimate Stability

Additional Information

Important Notice:

On behalf of Tesco Bangalore, we must caution all job seekers and educational institutions that Tesco Bangalore does not authorize any third party to issue employment offers or conduct recruitment drives through any third party. Therefore, beware of unsubstantiated and fraudulent job offers or recruitment drives from anyone or website that represents Tesco. In addition, Tesco Bengaluru does not charge any fees or other emoluments for any reason (including, without limitation, visa fees) or solicit compensation from educational institutions for participating in recruitment programmes.

Accordingly, please check the authenticity of any such offers before acting on them and where action has been taken, you do so at your own risk. Tesco Bengaluru will neither be liable for fulfillment of promises made by fraudulent third parties, nor for any monetary or any other loss incurred by the aggrieved person or the educational institution.

In the event that you come across any fraudulent activities in the name of Tesco Bengaluru, please feel free to report the incident recruitment_compliance_india@tesco.com

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