iPhone and android got share from blackberry. everybody use touch screen and RIM also made some models without keyboard.

Almost all tasks can be done on smartphone. Browsing internet, sending emails, taking photo, tweeting text, connecting with friends or strangers who you think as friend, let birds get angry, buying something which is recommended by Jeff Bezos, and sometimes phone calling.

Well, do auction sellers want to do their work on smartphone? Do they need to list new items or revise active items when they can’t use pc?

If so, I have to implement the user interface for smartphones.

I downloaded auctiva iphone app. eBay also have an official iphone app which can create new item from scratch and post to eBay. So what kind of features should I implement if I develop a new seller app? It must be important that sellers can take pictures of their items and easily send to eBay picture gallery. Additionally they might want to edit the pictures before upload them to eBay. But many photo edtiting apps like instagram are already exist, so it is better to use these kind of apps than develop from scratch.