I’m not a fan of Apple at all.

Mainly I’m using Arch Linux for my desktop pc and running Windows XP as virtual box guest os. And I have BlackBerry 9810. For writing code in train, I use asus eeepad transformer with Ubuntu and android dual boot. I don’t like to have most popular devices which everybody have.

But it is hard to continue working as a developer without iPhone any more. So finally I bought iPod touch fourth generation.

Indeed, I don’t want to say, but I have to say that Apple is the best.

I wondered wether I can type long sentences with such a small touch panel keyboard. But auto collect function helps me very much when I write in English. I don’t know about other languages. Actually typing speed on iPod touch is slightly faster than on BlackBerry’s physical keyboard which I love.

Ratina display is so beautiful, I can’t go back BlackBerry. iPod touch is very thin like a card so I like it more than iPhone.

But I feel that handling multiple email accounts on BlackBerry is still better then any other devices.

Unfortunately Android couldn’t success to make a brand value because their fragmentation problem. I love Linux based operating systems over 15 years. But linux distributions for desktop environment can’t get share from windows yet. Mac does instead.