I’m developing this eBay listing software to help eBay sellers. Mainly I want to just develop. I want to build a simple and easy user interface to reduce sellers’ operation time.

But of course, I also have to promote my eBay listing software at same time. What can I do for promoting my seller tool without much money?

Twitter is good for making light connection with personal eBay sellers who use inkfrog, auctiva, turbo lister and so on.

Facebook business page is harder than twitter to get likes or shares.

SEO is most important! We shouldn’t do too much search engine optimization to get higher rank on their search result page. But without SEO, nothing starts! So I started this blog to add some contents on my site. But no blog articles are indexed by google crowler yet. @googlebot Please visit my site.

AdWords: google sent me free coupon about $100 many times but I ignored them because I didn’t need before developing my eBay seller tool. Last month I tried Adwords with free coupon and I was surprised at its performance! It sent me some traffic and some visitors signed up my eBay listing tool! I realized that I can’t live without Adwords.