Hi eBay sellers, which is the best eBay listing software in 2017? There are a lot of review sites, but some of reviews were written in about 7 or 8 years ago. I want latest reviews.

  • Turbo lister An ebay’s official listing tool. Free. Download and install style software for windows. Its user interface looks like a spread sheet, so good at bulk editing. It doesn’t work on Mac and Linux. Someone tried to use this software on linux with wine simulator, but the test result was rated as “Garbage”. (test result) Many sellers use this. When search google with keyword “ebay listing software”, Turbo Lister is listed at first or second position on search result page.

  • Auctiva Web based software. Free 30 days trial is available. One of most popular eBay listing software. “Find and replace” is an useful function for bulk editing text data. You can sign up with your facebook account. And they have good SEO position for the keyword “eBay listing software”, currently #1 when I googled from my blackberry.

  • Inkfrog Also one of well known eBay listing software. Web based. I read their user forum site. Do they have some problems on their new version software? They also released mobile app for iOS and android. It seems to be a web based application.

  • listers.in A light weight web based listing software. You can manage multiple ebay account. Simple user interface. Try free demo account

  • Vendio Sellers can sell their items on multiple ecommerce platforms. eBay, amazon and facebook. Free 15 days trial is available.

  • AuctionSplash Oh, this service ended. Why? And they recommend another software called Auctonic.

  • Wonder Lister This is a desktop application for windows.

  • Blackthorne Download and install style software for windows. 30 days free trial is available. After September 30, 2014, Blackthorne will no longer be available.

  • comosale A download style listing software which was launched in 2012. Relatively new in third party listing management systems.

  • GarageSale An ebay selling tool for mac. Download and install style software. There is few applications for mac users. Its user interface is very itunes like. And its name is very GarageBand like. Mac users can do everything in a garage:)

  • Kyozou Designed for eBay and amazon sellers. One-time setup package is $700. It seems to be for heavy business users, not for personal. It is not just a seller tool, they also provide an initial training and web hosting services.

  • Ready Pro Download and install style application. It is a stock control and ecommerce solution.

  • SellerVantage (was AuctionSound?) Web based software. Multi channel management tool. (eBay, Amazon and Craigslist)

  • Infopia Multi channel management software. Their news feed seems to be stopped on 2010 September.

  • Supreme Lister Web based application. Many beautiful design templates. There is a free plan.

  • ezlister.net Their home page shows few information about what their application provides to eBay sellers. Their latest news was posted on April 19, 2006.

  • Auction Wizard 2000 Umm, I think it is not good to use year number in a service name. I think just “13 years ago” from their service name. But their discussion board seem to be active in 2013, there are active users.

  • AuctionBlox

  • Auction Hawk

  • Auction Zealot Standard membership is free. Sellers don’t need free trial plan. Their “Recent News” was posted on Mar 13, 2009.

  • Listomax Download style application. Sellers don’t need pay monthly fees. Just one time cost. They are still improving their product in 2013.

  • Solid Commerce Their last news post was May 12, 2010.
  • Listing Factory 2012 Oh, year number in service name again. But 2012 is not old:) It seems a template software. (Not a listing software?)

  • Zazanaire Auction design, scalable auction templates, eBay order management, free listing and scheduling, shipping labels design and printing, optimized search.

There are a lot of selling software for eBay sellers, but most of them stopped improving their service!

Personally, I prefer online web based service.

And I want to write about comparison of eBay template services.