I asked some eBay listing professionals to test my listing software. They gave me very helpful comments about uploading pictures.

Needs to be able to upload multiple pictures at once. Takes too long to upload multiple pictures individually.

So I implemented it. You can upload 12 picture files to eBay for an listing at once. When you upload your picture files to ListersIn server, then the pictures will be sent to eBay Picture Services (EPS) service immediately.

Technically I use some new features of HTML5. The tag has multiple=”multiple” option. You can select multiple files of your local hard drive by pressing shift key or control key, it is very useful. And I don’t have to use flash or complicated JavaScript code any more!

And you can also change the order of pictures by drag and drop. I could implement this feature by using HTML5 Sortable jQuery plugin, thank you very much Ali! This plugin uses native drag and drop feature of HTML5. It works well on Chrome and Firefox, but it doesn’t work on Opera browser.

If you interested, try this eBay listing software with free demo account and leave your comments!